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Shadow or Light Characteristics

Each of us have characteristics that we define as good or bad.  Until we honor these aspects of ourselves, they will continue to emphasize themselves.

Archetypes,  personality energies or traits, have shadow and light characteristics that play out themes in our lives in order to get attention.

Archetype Counseling helps explore the wounds and the motives that give rise to those situations.  Through this work, the shadow side of our lives are revealed.  The shadow may be aspects of ourselves that we often tend to reject.  But until we embrace these aspects of ourselves, they will continue to cause drama in our life.

Archetype Counseling allows us to explore wounds and motives that give rise to these particular energies.  Consciousness is raised so we can no longer bury the issues we need to face.  To become ourselves in the truest and deepest sense, we must face the shadow.

As we become more conscious, we live our soul’s contract embracing the truth of our divine nature.  As we act on our guidance, our soul’s purpose shows up.  The joy of living is activated when we understand the bigger picture of who we are, and our life’s purpose is revealed.

We have the power to create a new story from a new vision of our life, as new patterns are set in motion.