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First primary archetype – Saboteur

We have all been told that we cannot change someone else’s behavior; we could only change our responses. Through the investigation of archetypes, we gain an increased understanding of our own behavioral patterns. This reflection helps us to re-pattern our responses and change the outcomes in our lives. Remember, if you keep doing what you are doing, you will always get the same results.

By re-patterning our own energies, desired outcomes will be achieved. There are four primary archetypes or personality behaviors that are encoded in every human. The four primary archetypes are the Saboteur, Victim, Prostitute and Child.

In today’s article, I will focus on the archetype of the Saboteur.

The Saboteur archetype contains your fears and issues related to low self-esteem. These fears cause you to make choices in life that block your own empowerment and success.

The role of this powerful archetype is to alert us to situations in which we face the threat of being sabotaged, either by someone else or by ourselves. In its shadow aspect, the archetype manifests as either self-destructive behavior or the desire to sabotage others in order to survive materially.

But if we befriend the Saboteur and make it our ally, we elicit its light aspect, which makes us more open to heed its warnings and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

The core issue for the Saboteur is fear of inviting change into your life that may shape and deepen your spirit. It is concerned with tendencies to diminish, derail or destroy our efforts. Procrastination is a common display of the Saboteur working in our lives.
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Another example would be the demonstration of disruptive attitudes that deliberately undermine others. On the light side we would operate with clarity and focus since the Saboteur governs commitment. We would feel empowered to manifest our dreams.

Our life stories often focus on the shadow side. Personal drama has a theme that carries through into our day-to-day life. We draw conclusions related to previous events and dramas that occurred in our lives. These conclusions shape our new experiences.

By recognizing the Saboteur in our lives, we get in touch with our realities and reshape our outcomes. We put words and feelings together to share our stories with the hope to shed more light on the situations.

Our shadow beliefs can destroy our creative talents and prevent us from dreaming a new world. The Saboteur prevents us from achieving the very things we most desire. The Saboteur keeps us locked in fear, limitation, and unworthiness. We fear that if we let go of our dramas, we will lose our identity.

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