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Inspirational Message for the New Year

Each soul is born with a sacred contract guiding our life path to fulfill its destiny.  However, our life is a product of our choices as we are always granted free will.  Being in the flow of the universal consciousness leads us to live our destiny; making choices when the flow is blocked leads us to a fated outcome where our life’s contract is not fulfilled.  I believe this leads to karmic debt which blocks the flow of universal guidance. 

It seems the world we live in rarely involves black and white answers, but often there is a mix that make our choices interesting and challenging.  Our soul’s contract provides an understanding of our life’s purpose but how soon we connect with it is the challenge.  Often we choose to avoid living our purpose because we first seek comfort and stability.  I believe we come into life with a destined purpose and a contract to live through our chosen set of archetypes, behavioral personality energies.  However, our choices create our life and may lead us down a path that is not in the flow of our contract.  

Never has the time been more urgent as the world seems to be changing so quickly.  It is time to clear old patterned thoughts and behaviors and begin to choose more consciously.  It is time to take responsibility to fulfill your life’s contract.  When you choose to live in the flow of your contract, you begin to feel life open up because you are taking responsibility for living your true purpose. 

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Through archetypal exploration, you get in touch with your emotions and recognize old patterned programmed beliefs.  You learn to detach from your stories and old past programming and learn to connect to the source of universal guidance.  Living life infused with positive energy will transform your problems into magnificent opportunity to fulfill your destiny. 

I invite you to discover and embrace your life’s sacred contract.  I invite you to live the life that you were born to live.  Is it time to accomplish your purpose?  Nothing is predetermined, yet when you choose to live your life’s purpose it seems that destiny takes over and guides you toward that purpose in a mystical and miraculous way. 

Synchronicities become prevalent and frequent with a blissful awareness of ease and opportunity presenting.  When you move against the flow of your contract, you seem to hit road block after road block.  This is the universe’s way of pushing you back on track.  It is time to free your mind from past programming and connect with the universal source of energy and transform your life.