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Daily life patterns and Conscious Living

Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Gustav Jung, full-length portrait, standing in front of Burghölzli clinic, Zurich, circa 1909

Carl Jung stated, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Jung believed that there is a collective energy generated by all the people on earth, it surrounds us like the air we breathe and affects us on every level. This means that every event has meaning and all events are somehow connected.

Many times we choose to look outside ourselves for physical, emotional or spiritual fulfillment. However, I believe that living consciously means to examine daily life patterns.

The conscious recognition and examination of our own personal patterns leads us to self-empowerment and personal transformation.

I believe that our goal in life is to live with purpose and passion; not only to live our fate, but also to reach the fulfillment of our sacred destiny, the realization of our true potential.

Healing Touch and Archetypal Counseling are tools to aide in unhealthy pattern recognition. These processes are meant to help others strengthen their ability to experience the creative, rejuvenating power locked within so that fear, depression, and negativity disintegrate for the pattern of their lives through conscious living.

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