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About Archetypal Counseling

happy-family-outdoor-observes-a-shucked-oyster Carl Jung was convinced that archetypes “shape matter as well as mind.” In other words, archetypes are elemental forces that play a vital role in the creation of the world and of the human mind itself.

He believed that the collective unconscious contains archetypes, which are forms or symbols that are manifested by all people in all cultures and are as old as humanity.

Caroline Myss defines Sacred Contracts as life assignments that are encoded within our psyche and soul in the symbolic language of archetypes.

The archetypes are the energies of our personalities. Myss teaches that bringing these energies into consciousness helps us to keep a positive outlook and leads to a better understanding of the difficulties we are facing.

We all contribute to the drama in our lives. Owning our involvement empowers us to have a say in what unfolds. Placing blame outside of ourselves disables our ability to turn this archetypal energy in a different direction.

There will always be challenges in life, but living from a place of increased awareness helps us to decrease the negative momentum. When we set the intention to change and grow, we begin a journey in which we move from living our fate to embracing our destiny.

By clearly defining our Sacred Contract through Archetypal Counseling, we understand the plan that we wish to complete. Because we have free will, each archetypal influence pulls us in many directions and sometimes derails us from our soul’s purpose.

By raising our consciousness, we can make clearer choices based in integrity that can be empowering. We learn to take responsibility for what is manifesting in our world. We become the creator of our life and learn to redirect the shadow into light.

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