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Janet Garfield
I believe that living in the light of consciousness opens all the possibilities within your Sacred Contract. Exploring your life patterns using the Archetypal Wheel is one tool that can help clarify your soul’s purpose and generate conscious choices in the present moment. Living in the power of your soul unites your will with Divine Will, ultimately living in peace and fulfillment.

I believe that healing energy flows from one who is deeply devoted to inner work, and soul energy expands.

I believe that detachment from judgment is the key to our evolution. Through the process of life pattern recognition, we learn how to make better choices that benefit the whole.

When I was young, I was driven by goal-setting with focus on what I needed to attain in my life to be joy-filled. I believed that goals allowed me to control the direction of change in my favor. I felt that I was a victim of the world and that things were done to me.

I became trapped in the dance of seduction and competition. I lived in the future, always waiting for something more to bring happiness to my life.

As I began to recognize the voice within, I became aware of the power of intention. I believed that energy followed intent, which made me feel empowered and excited about opportunity.

However, over time, I began to recognize that intentions could be limitations. I learned that I cannot control everything and often things were out of my control. This led me to an awakening of spirit whereby I learned that God’s plan is unfolding in perfect order. I then understood the power of letting go, and letting God. The power that comes from total surrender connects me to the energy of divine inspiration and allows me to make conscious choices based in the present moment and not from old patterned behaviors from the past.

Patterns are really memories replayed that represent the intellect trying to control. This is an illusion. We can choose what we think in every moment of life. I learned to forgive those whom I believed had victimized me, and recognized where I had victimized others in my life and asked them for forgiveness.

Divine inspiration is the power to agree to life and go with the flow. What happens in my life is not my fault but it is my responsibility. I must take full responsibility for my life.

All my perceived problems begin as thought, imbued with painful memories. I have the power to neutralize that painful thought and release it to clean my slate and be filled with light in each and every moment.

I recognize that my power to heal is to heal myself, and that what I see in another is in me to be healed. Now my life is simple and I remember to live each day in gratitude.

As a nurse, I learned to listen to intuition as inner instruction and pay attention to the still small voice within. Divine inspiration feeds intuition. By breaking the old patterns of shadow memories, I can make conscious choices in each moment of my life.

I am living a life of service and I am standing on sacred ground. I am connected to the higher guidance when I live my personal truth. I am empowered through the healing presence of God in my life.


Dr. Janet Garfield is also listed on the website Worldwide Directory of Healing Touch Practitioners, your connection to wellness as one of the members with many credentials.